Angels of television

I haven’t written much about television as a delivery mechanism for playful experiences and fundamentally an expression of our society’s spirituality. Probably because I haven’t watched much in the last 3 years. But now it’s different – I am waiting for this baby to arrive and while I do I am taking the opportunity to do as little as possible – which largely means watching lots of daytime tele.

Not one of the most spritually edifying things I have done – reminds me of being unemployed actually.

There is little specific about spirituality on our tvs at the moment apart from a series – a whole series – on angels. It’s slightly depressing watching for me. Mainly because there is so little thought behind what angels are or could be. We’re talking angels as handy chums, angels as lifesavers, angels as guides and guardians but no thought about where angels might come from, what they might actually represent.

I mean , do they just spontaneously exist? Or are they messengers from God? No one on this show seems to care.

If angels are free agents, uncreated as it were, then they themselves are gods. They created themselves.

If they are part of a spiritual order, what is that order like? Is there anything above or below angels?

What does it tell you that someone has been saved by an angel? Surely it tells you that everyone is precious and loved. Doesn’t it?  And shouldn’t that directly impact on your behaviour?

The modern interest in angels is a shallow, self-centred and superficial belief for a society that only understands spirituality in terms of material rewards – guidance, keeping people alive, physical signs and miracles.

Unless a spiritual experience leads you further into some kind of spiritual development I would argue it’s no spiritual experience at all.


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