A playful Lent

I thought that I might try thinking about the 7 different types of play as they relate to Christian spirituality for this Lent. There are 7 types and 40 days so that works out at 1 blog post every five days.

I am not sure what exactly will emerge from these thinkings,  but I encourage you to think about these things as well along with me. And obviously comment on anything you read that you think is rubbish! Or could be improved on – or if you fancy telling me how great it was that would be acceptable too of course…

If you are not interested in that, I heard a good sermon this Sunday which encouraged us to simply spend our Lent asking God to show us the way we really are. This is far more difficult to do than to read improving books or give up chocolate, but I think it’s something to carry in our minds at least.

If you wonder really what the point of all this Lent stuff is then check out this article on Ordinary Eve which explains.


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