I think any thinking Christian should have some response to make to the disaster in Haiti. There are many questions. And they are difficult.

Any death is a loss, whether 1 person loses their life or tens of thousands.  And we have a strong sense that tragedy of this magnitude shouldn’t happen in a God-given world, surely a benevolent Creator wouldn’t allow natural disaster like this?  It seems pointless and almost vindictive.

I’m not a qualified theologian so I am not even going to try and answer these questions here. Instead I’m going to refer you to better thinkers than myself. There is one thing to say though. As Christian’s our concept of God is that he is intimately personally involved in what happens in the world, and that the world as we experience is is not the perfect world it could/should be, that’s why disasters of this magnitude make us say “It shouldn’t be like this.”

No, it shouldn’t.

And it’s also interesting that we believe that God has chosen to become one of us and share our pain rather than being removed from it.  He allowed himself to be killed, unjustly and horribly and unnaturally having lived in a society that was under occupation.  He seemed intent on sharing what is frequently the misery of human life. And in this way we know that we can talk to him in anger and frustration and pain because he understands not only from the point of being omnisicent but because he cared enough for us to stand along side us.

Here are some responses to the situation:-

http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/11050 – Mediating compassion for Haiti?

http://blog.beliefnet.com/bibleandculture/2010/01/haiti—a-case-study-for-theodicy.html – Haiti – Where was God?

Book: Oh God Why? by Gerard Hughes


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