Ancient Wisdom – Anglican Futures

Just thought I would direct your attention to this blog from an event that is taking place in the States from 4th – 6th June.

It seems as if it will be addressing some of the concerns any thinking Anglican might have about how approachable our rituals make us and our faith, whether they alienate people, what actual value they have and even whether they might be a way of  moving people towards conversion (really! I know someone who came to belief through the beauty of evensong and if you’ve never experience a sung evensong then hie thee to a cathedral asap because it’s a really beautiful expression and meditation).

I sometimes ask questions about Anglican tradition and get the answer “because that’s how it is” – which isnt’ enough for me but I can formulate my own theories if needs be because I understand the context – I’ve been steeped in Anglican tradition all my life. I suspect there are many “seekers” or evangelicals who would only feel confused or worse, alienated by a lot of our traditions. So I  will be following this blog and conference with interest.

You can also follow on Twitter by searching for #awaf.


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