Happy New Year!

Oh so I am late – who cares? Ain’t it great to be back at work? No?
There is a feeling in today’s society that if you aren’ doing something you love then you aren’t doing the right job. There is also a spiritual movement that asserts that God dreams your dreams – in other words that the things you desire for yourself are God’s desires too. Caveat: of course that only pertains to those things that are Godly (check against handy top 10 list of Godly behaviour, the 10 commandments.)

But I wonder if there isn’t also an element of it being ok for your work to enabel the rest of your life – your charitable giving; your caring for your friends, relatives, family; your own health; the future of the world while you do other work that God has called you to.

Focusing on play all the time means that we are in danger of swinging away from the (wrong and boring) idea that work is the most important thing in our lives and only those who work have value, to the idea that play is the most important thing in our lives and only those who play all the time have value ie the young and youthful, the rich, the entertainers.

Your work doesn’t have to be the best work in the world, the most interesting and exotic or even the most interesting for it to add a value to your life.

So I am going to be positive about being back at work and thankful that my work not only enables me to live the rest of my life but that I am in the lucky position of enjoying it too – well, most of the time.


3 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Everybody works all the time! Even while we play, our bodies and minds work, and so do spirits.

    Fortunately, even work for a bad boss in a job you don’t love can be joyous. At the least, by bring the spirits of integrity, meaning, purpose, etc. into any task, you have more energy and way less stress — which means a lot more time for play!

    My husband and I co-founded the Spirit and Work Resource Center (www.spiritandworkresourcecenter.com) to pass on great information about how all work can be filled with integrity, purpose and joy. We’re always happy to have more insights and information to pass on.

    Play on as you work! Pat Sullivan

  2. I agree that work can have value simply in the fact of providing for you and your family. There is no shame and no failure whatsoever in that. I also agree with the comment above that most kinds of work can have purpose. Unless you believe that the work you’re doing is harmful, I’d guess that there are ways for it to have meaning through your interactions with other people & through mindfulness.

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