Acronynms r us – Nanowrimo and WOW

Well I actually made it, 53,402 words of novel during the month of November and all thanks to the lovely folks at Nanowrimo! What with the pep talks, encouragement, forums buddies and all the lovely functionality – not to mention the prospect of having to tell my nearest and dearest (that includes you dear reader!) that I had failed to complete the task there was no chance I would fail.

Some of you will remember I wrote a post about wanting to be a novelist a while back. At the time I said that I had recognised the value in this blog and was happy in that, and more importantly in doing what you are doing now.  Well, writing the novel was a very “now” experience – it had to be I couldn’t think further than the next 5 secs whilst wired on coffee at 6am (the only time I could fit the writing in!). it was good for me because I wasn’t worried about quality or publishing (although that’s a dream as you know) it was writing for the pure joy of creating a story – the most fundamental form of self-acualisation and imaginary play. I felt that I was doing something good from moment to moment not beating myself for future glory.

And now I am in an appropriatly Advent-ish hiatus period where I am leaving it to rest so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes and see just how bad it really is!

In the meanwhile I have returned to this blog and to my attraction for gaming and I am a fully paid up member (at last) of World of Warcraft. It is eating my time alive but it’s soooo good! I love the fact that i am having a real time digital experience, I can interact with and team up with others, I have to use my brain to play and I am exploring a new space. It’s similar to the novelling and a great rest.

But I can easily see how it could consume me in a bad way. My husband played for 5 hours yesterday whilst I was out and then we really didn’t talk much when I got in late because I then played (well we did talk but we talked about how I could level up next!). Immersive environments are a key area where humanity has to decide what the moral perameters are. You will know about the divorces that have occured as relationships that started in 2nd Life, parted in 2nd LIfe. Does it matter if you have virtual sex with someone other than your husband? What kind of behaviour is acceptable? How do you play beneficially? Who decides?

At the moment  I am merrily killing things all over WOW – no other people yet but I’m sure it will come. It’s great! But should I get nervous about it?..


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