Dawkins and the bus

Richard Dawkins and the Humanist Society are raising money to put adverts on the side of buses on London – see left!

There is a justgiving campaign which was designed to generate 11k and has generated 72k in 2 days!

Dawkins spouts the usual polemic about Christians not thinking about stuff, brainwashing children etc in his support of the campaign. The idea was not originally his but his support has made the campaign fly. It was born of a reaction to the ads common in the tube and on our buses that quote scripture and promise damnation to unbelievers (conveniently ignoring the fact that others of the posters talk of peace).

There is are a load of interesting comments over on Deep Church which explain the situation and include a bit of a rant from myself – 🙂

If you are interested in scientific arguments against the idea that there is no God then you should download this podcast…http://www.greenbelt.org.uk/shop/talks/details/GB08-43.

What I don’t quite understand is why they say “probably”, surely they know?…


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