Gaming to raise awareness – play good

xdrtb logoI think its great when social causes and playfulness come together to form one beautiful awareness raising whole. So when I received an invite to a new casual game that appears to be raising awareness of XDRTB I thought it would be of interest to you guys and the perfect topic for this blog with its focus on play.

I received an interesting email from the TED and Deep Church at the same time last week,  about XDRTB (Extreme Drug Resistant TB). XDRTB is a strain of TB that as its name implies is resistant to the usually applied drugs. With the right care and management it can be overcome, but as usual it is the poorest countries which are largely the worst affected and the poorest in those countries who won’t get that care and management that will make the difference between living and dying. The TED funded campaign is about raising awareness with decision makers and funders – on the basis that these are the people who can change this situation. I urge you to check it out.

Anyway, earlier on today wherenext started to follow me on Twitter. Following some clues on the twitter stream led me here to What is the Question? which seems to be an awareness raising game about the disease. And you all know about my interest in ARG and puzzle type games.

Here’s the outline:-

“We invite you to come and explore with us. This game will take you on an adventure through London, on a hunt to find 43 objects that will give you the elements you will need to be able to ask the question.”

Each clue leads you to a map reference in the Square Mile. I’ve found the first one but to play you actually have to head on down there and find an object.

I am not sure how this links into XDRTB but I am sure we will find out.

So if you are in London – have fun and maybe I’ll see you on the trail. If not, maybe you will follow our wanderings and postings. Or maybe this will inspire you to investigate how play and games could raise awareness of issues or faith.


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