Greenbelt 08

It seems like only yesterday that I was at last year’s Greenbelt – which was the first time I had been camping in years.

As usual here is my list of the things/people/events I am looking forward to and that directly relate to spirituality and play:-

Fightstar – Busted all growed up
Martyn Joseph – predictable
Jose Gonzalez – Beautiful music nothing else necessary

and I am considering whether to do the classical scratch choir thing…

Frank Schaeffer – by all accounts a very funny writer, injecting humour into the very serious world of the religious right in the US and so someone I am very interested to hear
Lucy Winkett – Should be interesting from a liturgical (ceremonial and ritual) perspective
Peter Rollins – who I always like to listen to because it’s like immersing yourself in a spiritual/cerebral bath. I really can’t explain it better than that, sorry.

What would Jesus Buy? and Heima – because I am obsessed with ethical consumption my triumps and failures in that department and because I love Sigur Ros.

And a talk by Gareth Higgins called “Why films can make us kill each other…or save the world”

And of course – Beer and Hymns in the Jesus Arms.

Can’t wait!


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