2gether conference 08 and subsequent rant

I had the pleasure of attending the 2gether08 conference yesterday;. It was a conference designed for new media types and those with a social agenda to get together and examine ways of using digital to drive social change, play, and entertainment for good (for a more detailed break down of my likes and dislikes head over to inoted).

Examples of the kinds of discussion were:-

web 2. 0 developments to provide people with the tools they need to re-engage with local government
Using Facebook to drive Coca-cola towards using their distrubution networks to address infant mortality through distributing re-hydrations salts (1 in 5 children in Africa will die before the age of 5 from dehydration!) This is a campaign that is already working – join the Facebook campaign and read the blog.

I had a great time but I left feeling a bit low. I sometimes feel – no, most of the time I feel – like I am the only Christian in the Village. Are there conferences like this going on elsewhere and I am just missing them?  I know there is the Churches Media Council but frankly I am not clear on what they do and their social network hasn’t launched yet so I am not sure who I would “meet there”. At any rate, none of them were at this conference. Jesus said we should be in the world not of the world – it’s pretty difficult to be in it if you don’t engage with it.

Am I the only Christian working in a new media agency? Surely not. Send me your blogs – I want to read them! Let me know if you have any interesting work related conferences or if you too feel like you are languishing as a lonely grain of salt in new media/tv/advertising and are worried about losing your taste – or not!

Rant over.


One response to “2gether conference 08 and subsequent rant

  1. Hey,

    While I am not involved in the ‘New Media Agency’ I can relate to you and however alone you might feel. Do not worry, you’re not. There are well over 2 billion Christians world wide and a lot of your friends probably are Christian but they don’t display it in a n obvious way. I think what Jesus is trying to say in that passage is that you don’t have to conform to what everyone else is doing, do what you want. I.e. you can do things that other people are doing, just don’t feel forced to.


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