Good People Day 08

A guy called Gary Vaynerchuk is trying to stop people blogging and twittering and talking about how much money they are making and how great they are for one day (something that is particularly prevalent in the world of advertising blogs) and instead blog about great people and people doing GOOD things.

I think it’s a very nice idea and I have put the following list on my other blog so I thought I would put it here too – with some removals and additions. These are good writers, thinkers and generally good people. Some of them are Christians, some of them aren’t.

Who’s on your list?

Adam Crowe, Amelia Torode, Mark Earls, Ruth Gledhill, Damian Thompson, Brian Robertson, Pat Kane, Kiminder Bedi, Kate Orr, Leisa Reichelt, Rev Dorothy Micklethwaite, Alex and Tim Horlock, Jonathan Bartley, Adam Riggins, Helen Thompson, Rev Mandy Hodgson, Mike Streten my dad 🙂


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