Adrian Plass on humour

Adrian Plass PortraitWell, obviously, the frivolous side of Christian spirituality is something that’s very dear to my heart and yours too since Lent Jokes 1 and 2 seem to be amongst the most popular of the posts on this blog. And Adrian Plass has written some great humourous books about the Christian life, in addition to having a humourous way with his more serious stuff. Books like The Secret Diary of Adrian Plass made a real impression on me becuase they showed me that being honest about your fallibility and laughing out loud are good ways to express your Christianity.

Here is the media page of his site. I advise you to check out the short film on humour –

He is also good on suffering and getting on with life where you are, which I am finding rather helpful at the moment.

Go on, check it out –  treat yerself! And don’t say I never give you anything.


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