Our hero is back!

No I am not being premature about Easter, I am talking about Indiana Jones! It’s been too long and since we all need a laconic, rough at the edges, always on the side of right hero around, LucasFilm and Paramount have seen fit to resurrect the old codger.

I like Indiana Jones because he doesn’t let you down – this is storytelling at its most fundamental. I bet if you map his adventures against the archetypes of story telling they map almost exactly in 90% of cases. I might try that. Anyway, you know that Indie is on the side of truth, right and the American Way, the way it was when people all wanted to be Americans and not the way it is now, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the predictable magic.

Me and my friends have already made a date to see it in May. What are you waiting for?


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