Carbon-reducing Lent

earth.jpgI went to the first meeting of my Lent course last night (run with St Leonards Streatham and English Martyrs) where we are focusing on more sustainable living. It was an empowering evening actually. While I try and save energy on a day to day basis I wasn’t convinced that my contributions would make much of an impact, but last night’s talk made me rethink that. I realised that I do have a habitual view of Christians as being ignored by society and of the English as being rather unpopular and therefore that I was not likely to be inflential, but our speaker pointed out that, as 2 church communities in London, we are influential in the following ways:-

  1. People still look to Christians for moral comment – check out commentators on thought for the day or the current fascination with the Arch B of C’s comments on Sharia Law…
  2. Being English people may not like us but we are still over-influential for our size
  3. Being Londoners we are a densely populated place with many connections in the country again punching above our weight.

Afterwards, I felt much more Hope-ful which is after all a Christian virtue along with Faith and Love, something we often forget. However, unfortunately we are dividing into groups that are going to be competing against each other and I am flying to Amsterdam on business in a week’s time and then going to Belize on holiday! Mind you my electricity bill will be nill whilst I am away so…

Anyway, once we have our charts up and running you will be able to follow our progress. Nice touch I thought.


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