Playful books

New year, new you and all that, so I thought it might be of interest to you to list a selection of books that are good when considering a playful approach/understanding to/of God and Christian spirituality.

Don’t be surprised, they are mostly not at all by Christian writers but God has never much cared about that. So here are my recommendations. Please do suggest others that you think I might like to read or that have helped you.


  • playethic.jpgThe Play Ethic by Pat Kane (no I don’t have a subscription to his fan club)

    The one that started me off, gives a good overview of our Western culture and how it is dealing with playfulness.

  • The Ambiguity of Play by Brian Sutton-Smith
    Assesses the different approaches to play and looks at the margins and difficulties, what play is not.


  • Landmarks: Exploration of Ignatian Spirituality by Margaret Silf
    Ignatian tools are primarily focused on understanding yourself and your motivation so that you can see where God moves in your life more clearly – self-understanding in order to experience the still small voice.



  • Subversive Manifesto by Jonathan Bartley
    A persuasive argument for God’s involvement in politics and the difficulties of power, argument and the way that we are often manipulated into taking a particular viewpoint when there may be a third way, God’s way.


  • The Narnia books by CS Lewis
    Strange choice, why Fate? Because they tell the stories of characters who don’t participate in the initial situation by choice, and it tells the story of how each of them copes in different ways with the lot that is “fated” to them – 2 sons of Adam and 2 daughters of Eve – you know the story.

So this just leaves us with Communal Identity, can’t believe I haven’t yet read a book about this that I can refer to, remiss indeed. And as the Imaginary. I would love a book that spoke about dreams and imagination. please please recommend one if you know one!

So there we go, something for me to aim for…


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