Define a game

hmmm….not as easy as it sounds is it?

I spent a pleasurable lunch time arguing with 2 friends (David Bausola, a strategist, and Alex Fleetwood a film producer/game producer type) about what a game is. We came up with various suggestions such as: a game has to have a winner/a definite conclusion (but what about Stuck-in-the-Mud); a game has a set of rules that are inherent to it; games are not just the rules they are the whole context of the game; a game is always a fiction, though game play is not fictional; and then you get into Wittgenstein and the “everthing is a game” theory, which is not too far from everything is one form or other of “play” and I suppose that’s close to where I am with this blog.

Anyway, of course people have been studying this kind of thing for years so if you are interested have a look at what Wikipedia has to say.

I’m off to play at something which isn’t a game – my choir


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