What stops you commenting?

I found this post http://servantofchaos.typepad.com/soc/2007/10/what-stops-you-.html on a branding and storytelling blog I read occasionally. It was in turn found on another blog.

I wondered if there were different things that stopped people commenting on a blog about spirituality/religion than on one more business related. From my own point of view I often won’t comment because I am not sure that my point of view is all that important, other times because I am nervous of being shouted down or that I will look stupid. That comes from me rather than anyone else I support. But maybe, because religion invites such great passions, there is more to fear. You can read about Damien Thompson’s recently received “poison pen letter” about new vs traditional religious music if you are in any doubt about that.

Let me  reassure you that if you choose to comment here I’m not going to shoot you down! Just explain my own views.

So do you think there are different reasons why people don’t comment on religious/spiritual blogs? Or do you share my reasons for the times I don’t comment too.

Go on, be a devil…


One response to “What stops you commenting?

  1. I fear that I will say something silly too but much of the time I am happy just to lurk on blogs and see what others have to say.
    Keep on truckin’

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