Towards a spirituality of play

Right – I have been doing some thinking and assessing. I have not stated what ideas would outline a spirituality of play. I have talked about play and about spirituality but not the two together explicitly. So in an attempt to move towards that….

1. God is inherently playful – all aspects of play are aspects of his character.

2. Humans are inherently playful and in this they reflect God – regardless of age or gender.

3. For these reasons, play is not only about rest and and an antithesis to work, it is an essential element in our humanity.

4. Play, like all other aspects of our God-ness, can be subverted and twisted.

5. A spirituality of play seeks to develop the God-ness in all the 7 types of play and to look for remption in those playful situations that are not God-breathed.

So I can say that the charity Playgrounds for Palestine is absolutely spot approach to play with a Christian (and actually agnostic/atheistic/ot any other faith) spirituality because it recognises that play is fundamental to the healthy development of people, a means of crossing barriers, a healing and as the charity themselves put it “a minial recognition of [children’s] humanity.

I would welcome any criticisms you have of this manifesto, if you like, and any suggestions for things missed out.


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