How movies helped save my soul

Book cover shotAs part of my quest to learn more about other people writing and thinking about play and Christian spirituality I picked up this book at Greenbelt “How Movies Helped Save My Soul“. It’s written by Gareth Higgins, a writer whose blog, God Is Not Elsewhere covers God, movies and politics amongst other things.

I’m enjoying it because it expresses something I have experience more with music than film – solely, I think, because that is the way my expressive talents lie – which is that artists will often express truths about God and life whether they intend to or not. (If you are interested I wrote about my perspective on it in my post on the Foo Fighters).

He writes “going to the cinema can be a spiritual experience akin to worshhip, which can inspire and convict as well as any sermon.” And for me, part of a definition of a spirituality of play would be to acknowledge how God plays with our constructions playful or otherwise in order to communicate their own truthes to us, despite ourselves and this book reflects how that is manifest in film.

I really recommend the book as a way to re-experience great films you have already seen and a pointer to films you might have otherwise overlooked or avoided. I especially recommend it if you are just exploring the idea of God, because the pictures of God that it paints and the elements it reveals can be tricky to get hold of in a traditional Church context. Whatever your approach it makes you think differently which is what good writing should do (…hmm, have I just condemned myself from my own keyboard?) .


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