Godly play for grown-ups

I went out for lunch with a couple of friends from the congregation after Church today.  We got to talking about the recent conference on children that our church has recently held (I couldn’t attend being somewhat paganly enjoying myself in a fiedl on the Isle of Wight). One of my friends explained the concept of Godly Play to others and it started a conversation about Godly Play for adults.

What a great idea. I bet you can’t remember many sermons, but I will guarantee that 80% of the ones you do remember you remember because you had to do something, or talk to someone else in the congregation or engage in some way that is out of the norm in “sermon time”.

One of my most memorable involved the whole congregation getting given the name of one of the books of the Bible on a piece of paper, finding everyone else with that name and then getting in a line from Genesis to Revelation. It was a noisy 10 minutes and I still can’t remember where Ephesians comes but at least I remember having fun in Church and I remember the point of that sermon, which was the importance of the Bible and our relationship to it.

I think it would be fascinating to try and imagine Godly Play for adults and what that might look like. I am not sure that is a job for me, but I will continue thinking about possibilities and I would welcome any suggestions from you.


One response to “Godly play for grown-ups

  1. Godly Play is finding lots of in roads into work with adults – espeically in the UK. I use it a lot in my work with ordinands – who comment every year that the 3 days we spend doing theology this way is worth more than the 3 years they spend doing it conventionally!. It is also an emphasis in our accredited Godly Play training courses that the adult participants do not simply learn ‘how to do this with children’, but learn about the art of Godly Play through in depth experiences of it for themselves – so our courses are part training and partly more like a spiritual retreat.
    see http://www.godlyplay.org.uk for info about Godly play and courses

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