Greenbelt – The Revenge

I hope that you enjoyed the pics I sent from Greenbelt I had a lot of fun trying to get some that would work to try and communicate the atmosphere.

Here are my highlights in no particular order:-

1. Billy Bragg
2. John Bell’s talks
3. Heaven in a box – art installation made up of boxes contributed by Greenbelt attendees that express their vision of Heaven in Ordinary
4. Pete Rollins’ talk about God as an event, the “to come” a radical subjectivity as opposed to the objective definitions that we try to produce in the face of Dawkins et al.
5. Kanda Bongo Man
6. Theo Hobson and the Mummer’s play
7. Coldcut Journeys in VJ – amazing, brilliant, fantastic vj/dj joy
8. GP Taylor talking about his writing
and finally,
9. Beer and Hymns

Back to the sensible world now, though I do have some great books about music and film which I am sure will make their way onto this blog sooner rather than later.


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