Camping at GreenbeltThis year, for the first time in 15 years I am actually going to camp for the whole weekend at Greenbelt next weekend. And I am very excited!

Attractions I am looking forward to (in no particular order):
Billy Bragg
Lies Damned Lies

JP Taylor
Mike Yaconalli
John Tavener (oh my goodness, very excited about this one!)
Theo Hobson recreating The Mummer’s Play (very much about play, ritual etc)
and finally….
Chas and Dave!!!

I am hoping to be able to update the site from the festival, looking into that.

A London advertising planner, Faris Yakob, has been conducting a tongue-in-cheek investigation in festivals as liminal spaces (spaces in-between, where the normal social rules are in flux, from the latin limen meaning doorway), which basically means attending them and enjoying himself. Bravo.

I think he might be right though and I am hoping the festival provides  a genuinely exploratory space for me this year and that the veil between earth and heaven will be thin. And that’s the last thing I am looking forward to very much, Wild Goose worship with the Iona Community, a place where the veil is thin all the time. 


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