GodTube and Internet Evangelism Day

Well folks apparently 29th April was Internet Evangelism Day and I completely missed it. Hopefully because I don’t need evangelising, but probably not.  Nonetheless, I feel cheered that somewhere there is a group of people actively pushing the internet as a key means of reaching out to people and telling them about Christianity. Yes it seems a no brainer but it’s still cheering.

In order to engage effectively with the society we live in we have to be where that society is, and increasingly they are to be found inside the playful world of the Internet. They are texting their friends, reading news articles, joining social networks, uploading media about themselves and their friends or consuming that media.

Which is why I love GodTube. Ruth Gledhill’s blog is what actually alerted me to it. It’s YouTube for God. She points to some great films which you can access here. But my current favourite isn’t on her page. It’s a rip off of Baby Got Back (big hit in the States which we probably only know through the episode of Friends where Rachel and Ross sing it to their baby) I expound on how this is the perfect example of Christianity engaging with playful spaces and subverting highly sexualised lyrics to communicate with the modern generation about a different set of values. But that’s enough of that. It’s just funny, ok?

Here it is…Baby Got Book.

Baby Got Book - Link to GodTube


6 responses to “GodTube and Internet Evangelism Day

  1. I couldn’t get any of your liks to work. I saw the video on GodTube though, very funny. Internet evangelism is definitely not a joke.
    But it’s not ever going to replace face-to-face.

  2. Sorry you couldn’t get the links to work – I have tried them and I can’t work out what the problem is. Let me know if you have any ideas why!

    I agree face-to-face won’t ever be replaced, but I hope that the Internet can bring more people to that face-to-face moment.

  3. How did you get the godtube video to post. I cannot seem to get any to post for me in my wordpress blog. I can do youtube just fine, but godtube is a mystery.


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