Ritual and concentration

I am a bit stressed at the moment. I am trying to sort out a lease extension. I bought the property I live in in good faith that our payment for a lease extension would be small. It now turns out that it could be pretty large, though I am getting contradictory reports about the likely cost – from the original fee to a rather large one. Money and stress. Not a good combination and it made it very difficult for me to pray this morning.

I did try offering the stress to God and that did work somewhat but in the end I resorted to rituals (lighting a candle to consecrate the time) and well-known prayers to focus my attention and low and behold…it worked. I was able to

I think people underestimate the value of well known hymns, procedures, prayers etc in helping develop spirituality. They anchor your mind, help you to shut out the worries you have an focus on what you are there for. It’s about anchoring your spirit in the play of action and words and it helps you play your part.


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