Bad Christian

Oh dear – I have long suspected it but it appears to be the case that I am a bad Christian, at least according to World View Weekend. They have a test to tell you where you fit on a scale as follows

1. Strong Biblical Worldview.
2. Moderate Biblical Worldview
3. Secular Humanist Worldview
4. Socialist Worldview
5. Communist / Marxist Worldview

Apparently I am Secular Humanist Worldview.

However, I am not too worried about this for 2 reasons:-

1) I don’t need someone else to tell me whether I am a Christian or not, God can do that.
2) Apparently you have to believe in creationism to be a good one and I just don’t.

The other reason I don’t feel to worried is that there appear to be many of us. I found the test through a bad christian blog (that’s its name) and there are quite a few people listed there.

 With spirituality like this out there you need to take a playful view and that’s what Brandon seems to be doing.

Check out the link – take the test , list yourself on Brandon’s site and let me know if you are a “bad Christian” or a good Christian.


2 responses to “Bad Christian

  1. Howdy!

    This blog’s working! Thanks for your encouragements!

    Oh BTW, I too took the above test and I am a “Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Secular Humanist Worldview Thinker”, so please save me a seat at the table! I plan to do a special blog on my scores.



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