Hide and seek

My mind is mainly engaged with Hide and Seek today. Not the game, the festival.

It’s the first pervasive gaming festival to take place in London and I am the producer of one of the games. There are a couple of games that have come from across the pond, but one in particular has captured my imagination.

It’s called Cruel 2B Kind and essentially you win the game by “assisinating” through kindness. With 3 secret weapons each assasin approaches people they think may be playing the game and attempts to “kill” them through kindness before they are themselves identified and “assasinated”. For instance one weapon might be complimenting someon on their shoes. Players obviously instantly recognise other players but people in the area who aren’t playing simply receive a nice compliment. It’s a great game – it turns the idea of tag on its head and it gives both people playing it and people who simply come into contact with it a great experience – but it’s more fun if you play!

Let’s push this metaphor and say, that’s what religion should be about.

Find out more about the game here – http://www.cruelgame.com/about/

Find out more about Hide and Seek here – http://www.gideonreeling.com/hideandseek

Come along?


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