Cautious mysticism, cautious spirituality

I realise that I have (briefly) defined what I mean by Play but not even briefly what I mean by Spirituality.  Ok, it’s a moot point whether I could do that even in a lengthy way but, and however, I realise this as a lack.  For instance, I am happy to post on this blog about Sufism and have posted at length about Christianity but what else would I cover? How far does the definition of spirituality extend for the purposes of this blog?

What set me thinking about all this was an article by Johan Maurer on the Ekklesia website. In it he discusses things that he defines as mystical and that I would take for granted as spiritual but that others might dismiss as dangerous or irrelevant or simply unreal. So I am thinking of a definition of spirituality that can communicate to you exactly what I mean when I use the word, it might be helpful!


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