Being less earnest

Older people often complain to me that “no one takes anything seriously anymore” but one of the problems with spirituality is that it can be so earnest, so incredibly serious. And when someone presents a spiritual view that is not straightlaced people often find it difficult to engage with. God is seen as something to be approached with ritual and pomp and solemnity not something we can “play” with. Even in the more informal forms of worship there is a ritualistic language of informality and a right and a wrong way to behave. If your arms aren’t up in the air you aren’t really engaging with the service.

All of this puts our soul and our contact with God at a distance. And that makes him manageable. And sometimes that’s good. Often it’s off putting and makes you never want to come back again.

This link will take you to game which seems silly, but losing your self-consciousness is a side-effect of play. It might be really helpful to breaking down some spiritual barriers and being a little more relaxed.


One response to “Being less earnest

  1. This is an incredible thought and one in which the Lord has really made real to me. An example that was in my heart was that of when you’re with a good friend and you’re driving down the road. Chances are that you’ll be talking up a storm with that person. Well God is with us 24/7 and he’s right there in the car, on the job, or wherever here might be. As a result of this, I almost never listen to the radio in the truck as I spend that time in sweet fellowship with the Lord. Finding time for frvent prayer is sometimes hard with the hecticity of life, but to seek every window of opportunity; every extra few seconds or so, to talk to him. A continuous fellowship, Thankds for this posting. It’s something that is needful and is right in line with what has been on my heart for a while. (Check Isaiah 26:3) Jesus is as close as the mention of his name.

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