God plays golf

I happened to find this on a site criticising religion but I like it.

God is playing golf. God is playing with the laws of nature. I am playing with the people who created that site by appropriating this for a site opposed to their point of view just as they are playing with Judeo-Christian ideas of God’s skills.

Oh enough intellectualising already!


2 responses to “God plays golf

  1. There’s a joke to go with it:

    Jesus, Moses and an old man are going golfing. Moses takes his first shot and it goes right into the water hazard. He walks over the the banks, holds his club above his head, the water parts leaving the ball on dry ground and Moses takes his shot.

    Then Jesus takes his shot. It starts out going directly into the trees, bounces off a branch and lands right on the green. A miracle shot.

    Then the old man takes his shot which flies towards the water. Just as it’s about to splash down a fish leaps out of the water and grabs the ball in his mouth. Diving back under an eagle flies in, scoops up the fish and as it flies over the green the fish drops the ball which bounces and lands right in the hole. A hole in one!

    Moses looks at Jesus and says, “I hate when your dad plays with us.”


  2. Oh…I play golf and I’m a Christian and I so laughed out loud at both the cartoon and the joke 😉 thanks for a humorous start to my saturday morning!!!

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